Short Story
Of "Serhat Durmus"

Serhat Durmus currently reigns as Turkey’s token chill trap authority. A chronic nomad since his younger years, Durmus’ music spins an atmospheric and all-encompassing ensemble of ambient instrumentation and forcefully euphoric electronic beats and stylings. His amorphous palette effortlessly blends into the forefront of a late-night drive or dance floor alike. While Durmus remains in his native nation of Turkey, people near and far have begun lending ears the to dextrous beat purveyor, amassing ardent followings from Dehli to Düsseldorf. Many of the producer’s tracks are sung in his Turkish tongue; however, an austere emotional through-line permeates each and every number he lends his namesake to, clear and comprehensible to any listener. His hypnotic single “La Câlin” has amassed nearly 40 million streams on Spotify alone since its auspicious 2017 release. An ideal entry to his prolific catalog points to “Hislerim”. Over the course of the next few years, Durmus plans to tour more voraciously, once the state of the world permits, allowing the rest of the world to taste his poignant, yet delectably danceable style of music.